Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So...after my fellow friend, blogger of RANTS OF RANDOMNESS, posted a blog about gaspard ulliel, i HAD to post my own. Of course, I've probably shown all my hawt guys to you already but who cares. XD Here we GO!!!!

First of all, my one TRUE love. lol. my first obsession:
So cute. And even cuter in Star trek (<3). He was also in Just My Luck and Princess Diaries 2 but he wasnt tht cute in both of those...

Next obsession:
Gaspard Ulliel. Although i wasnt THATTT obsessed about him...cause i havent seen a movie with him yet...
I know I shouldnt promote smoking but...AAAAAH!!!

Here's a better one. More...educational? Promoting the arts? lol.

LOl. Well at least in this pic he is PLAYIN the piano.

I didnt even know it was him when i first got the pic. I was just liek OMG this is so awesome. XDDDD in love with the picture. not rlly depp. just the whole...mood. :)

And since i just watched pirates of the carribean i HAVE to include:

XD SOOO CUTE. LOl he's so funny in Lord of the Rings. Still cute tho aha.

And then my next obsession was Sam Worthington. I know he looks kinda boring and whatev in the pic but he is HAWT in avatar!!!! 

I better finish sooon...I'll just do a whole bunch.

Bottom left is Ruth's guy. I jus put him up cause he's cute and he was in Chronicles of Narnia and is British. The bottom right guy is Alex Pettyfer (he's british too) and he's gonna be in beastly wich is an american film and i was so MAD cause they called him a NEWCOMER and he's so not. He's starring with vanessa hudgens and ashley olsen LOL. poor him.

And....*drumline* can't forget!!!

Colin Firth. In Pride and Prejudice. Ultimate Love. <3 

So who's YOUR fave?? LOl. 

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