Thursday, July 22, 2010

back on polyvore...:D

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Lindsay Ellingson & Skye Stracke

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PIX...Alot of pix.

Us waiting at the train station after missing our train by one minute. Thanks, suitcases. You make traveling so much easier.

The day after we arrived was rainy. -____- At least the day-after-the-day-after-we-arrived was pretty!

Our house!

Some pictures I took of the garden my grandma tends.

Some pix of our rabbit choco!!!! So CUTE. LOL the blob of brown is him jumping out of his cage.

The day Hana and I took the train to Kurashiki...that's me waving from far away in the first was really funny cause i was standing on the railing and i think the guys behind me thought I was gonna commit suicide...XD and then in the shot with the fish it was scary cause they were seriously jumping wayy out of the water and they looked as if they wanted to eat me. Seriously.


Miryam's class. They went on some sort of exploratory field trip around the village..XD SO DIFFERENT from America.

Some wierd stuff in Japan. 1: An McCafe ad. No idea wat those guys represent... 2: CHEESECAKE. LOL. was very good and fluffy. 3: Smile Kid's! The name of the arcade.

Lol some shots of a random bridge.

These are pics of me and my friends in Japan...The guy in the first pic is the one the keeps going 'I. Love. You!!!!' ahahaha. -____- The last shot is the full uniform...which I have to wear too...gahhh.