Saturday, June 19, 2010

Japan. Part 1.

hmm..the day starts at 5AM. I am woken up by my mom and it is the only day that I dont stay in bed for a couple more minutes. Just like all the other years, I quickly change into the clothes I already set aside, make my bed, brush my teeth, brush my hair, etc etc, while I am surrounded by an eerie quietness. It is really quite nostalgic...reminds me of all the places I've left from to go to Japan.

Anyways, (although I tried to write all pretty above, I dont feel like doing tht anymore XD) we arrive at the airport, do all the check-ins and etcetera..take the flight to san and finally I am sitting in the plane on the way to Japan. We ended up having to wait three hours cause of some malfunction or watever...which was kinda annoying...but oh well. We took off and it went really well actually (I get car-sick, plane-sick, you get the drift.) At first I was rlly pissed cause I couldn't get comfortable and couldnt sleep at all like before since I had grown so for the first couple hours I watched Alice in Wonderland, which was pretty cool. But eventually time passed and I drifted in and out of sleep, thinking I never really actually totally fell asleep but I found out I did when my mom told me there was only four more hours. (the flight to Japan took 15 hours.)
Anyways...we eventually (oh and in the midst of all that I had lost my ipod and didnt want to look for it cause I was feeling kinda sick but my lil sis found it hooray lol) arrived but I had to rush out with my lil sis cause she wasnt feeling well...she kinda puked but it was only liquid (am i grossing u guys out now? sorry. ;]) but we arrived.

OOOH, something rlly cool was that while we were doing the check point stuff we passed by a little table that said quarintine and there were these three guys looking at tvs while we passed by. Later I realized they had a little video recorder thing and while we passed by the looked at their televisions to see if any of us had fevers. So liek, if someeone did, their forehead would be red, while the rest of us were in black and white.

OOOH, and it was also interesting how we kept seeing terrorist alerts. Kinda...scary. But funny. ;P had to take a train, then a bullet-train, then another bullet-train, then a train, than a car ride. Which is pretty tiring cause we have to lug our huge suitcases (remember: we're in Japan for 5 weeks..) around while we go from train station to the next train place. But finally we arrived, and it felt great, even tho I felt awful lolz, but...

So now I've been here...for what? around...4 days? Seems wayy longer. And I will be monday and tuesday going to school, wednesday off, thursday back at school, and friday helping miryam at her school. and saturdays cleaning and having scripture time (afterwards we get to hang out), and then sundays going to church and then hanging out afterwards. And then it starts all over again...pretty packed. But, still relaxing. I hope.

So sorry thiis was  a super long post--idk if any of u will even read the whole thing! was fun to type nonetheless.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


so lol before i did nothing on tumblr but im having fun on it so i want YOU GUYS to join too. XD
mine is:
right here!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Layout!

LOL, was bored and saw tht blogger had some new layouts so decided to change it....i like the old one better...its more clear...but watev. too lazy to change back now! XD

im in japan now...i will do a LONG post later!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

more like photography!


SOOO BEAUTIFULLLLL.....tho would prefer in black. ;)

old. haha. 




Sunday, June 6, 2010

random fashion-y stuff

I like her haircut.....:D

Such a pretty dress and looks gorgeous on her!

New British PM's wife----XD she's pretty cool!

I like how old fashiony it is...

She's really pretty! And I like the clothes aha.

cool effects XD kinda creepy tho...:O

so much texture..looks like art.

Hehe. i dont know why i like it.

So architectural. Love the colors and shapes.

Pretty :D

Scary. But cool.

LOLLLL didnt have enough space for all of them so i will do another post soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010