Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I havent written in ages so i wanted to post something....

idk what to write tho.

these days ive realized 2 things about myself.

  • im very desensitized.
  • im very hypocritical.
We always talk about awful stuff going on in like English and History and i feel like im the one telling my mind to feel bad. I hate it. I feel like i have no emotions or something...uggh.

Second, i realize i say ALOT of stuff tht i dont even follow myself. It's always easier to correct others than to correct yourself. 

I'm not saying all this cause i want you to say 'Ohh, that's not trueee' or idk something like tht. i just wanted to get it out of my system..

And now, on a happier note, i will post some pix. :)


Monday, May 3, 2010



The states of a positive person

The state of mind: An example of a person being in a positive state of mind is saying something like, “I am positive I will do this.” This shows confidence. When we see things from a positive and confident perspective, we trust ourselves, our decisions, and our actions to bring us the desired results.
The state of body: The state of body relates to the actions we MAKE and TAKE. If a person says “I am positive I will do this” but the state of their body shows fear, lack of confidence, and no enthusiasm, then their mind and body aren’t matching up. They will have to go back and work on their state of mind in order to change their state of body.
Another example is someone who wants to lose weight and they say they’ll do it, but then goes and eats burgers and chips. It’s the complete opposite of what they said! To master the state of body, we need to take actions that are constructive, not destructive. It needs to be in alignment with our state of mind.
The state of soul: This is the most important step to becoming a positive person. The state of soul can be best described as our emotions and moods.
In order to be able to call yourself a positive person, you must feel positive! That’s the whole purpose of it. If you’re not feeling good, then how are you enjoying life? You will be on a roller coaster ride of emotions.
A positive person gives off a positive vibe, they make others smile, they turn bad into good….you get the idea right? Being positive has to become a part of your identity. (link)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Im going to be moving.