Friday, January 29, 2010

A drawing I did...

This is from the Anna Sui Spring 2010 runway show. Really awesome. And this was one of my FAVORITE outfits...the colors, fabrics, embellishments---AWESOME!

The drawing isn't much; just a fast sketch. :) Took a couple tries tho...haha.

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am so SIKED to see the movie. coming out: March 5!!!!! YES.
some photos and stuff that i think about...

of course, first, the awesome movie posters everyone has already seen. but they're totally worth seeing again.

I like this one too:

     yayy~ i'm invited! XD

Other awesome kinda sorta maybe related stuff.

A bEAUtiful editorial with Lily Cole by Carter Smith. Lily Cole looks really short and young in this editorial, but she's actually..OMG.. 5"10.5.....

In 2003, Vogue US did an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot, which included designers in each photo. Really awesome. like, Really Really Really awesome. I love the dresses and the expressions.
Natalia Vodianova by Annie Leibovitz:

Other random cool stuff  ;)

Anyways, anything that you guys think of? Lemme know!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

beautiful day with beautiful ads

so i know in health class they always tell you 'Don't be influenced by what you see because it's not true." "The models you see in there are always photoshopped and aren't healthy anyways." "There are ads all around us."
I like ads, okay....:'(
so im gonna show them! and influence you more XD mu-wa-haha.

here's more from the Armani campaign~

Armani Spring Campaign Preview | Nimue Smit by Josh Olins

Ah-mazingggg colors!!!! *gasp*

Now, I normally don't like Fendi ads cause they're kinda...well i guess some people like it but to me they're just kind of boring.  and awkward.

Fendi Spring 2010 Campaign Preview | Anja Rubik by Karl Lagerfeld

Anyways, i thought this one was really nice and it made me feel like I was in the mountains, singing sound of music, wearing a beautiful flowy white dress, having a picnic...all being very sexy of course. Awesomeness

Prada S/S Campaign Preview | Rasa Zukauskaite by Steven Meisel

so this one...all i can think of is barbie. but i keep thinking of this ad, so i guess prada made a good choice~ XD what do you think?

next up: burberry!!! i always love burberry's ads~ ESPECIALLY WITH EMMA WATSON!!!! and this time she has her brother with her :O
Burberry Spring 2010 Campaign | Emma Watson by Mario Testino

I was kinda imagining them all in an elavator...but im pretty sure that's not what they were thinking.

anyways~ those were my faves for now. XD

Thursday, January 7, 2010


yay! images from giorgio armani's spring 2010 campain.

i remembered not being very impressed by armani's spring i went back and looked at it again and i still wasnt that amazed, but that's just my feeling. but anyways, after looking at these ads i was look WOAH I want one of those dresses now!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Major Rant. A Good One.

So i was going through my lil webbies that i go thru everyday...which u shld really check out--they're all posted at the bottom of my blog. and i saw this awesome pic of Ashley Olsen and i almost almost almost ALWAYS luvvvv olsen's style (unlike a bunch of ppl (hmmph)) and yea so im gonna post it!

i think she looks so...perrty! XD like, she still keeps her normal style but she adds a much more feminine and classic look.

And so i continued going thru my list of blogs feeling all happy (ohh and if you care to know this was on jan 3 and she was shopping with her sister in west hollywood. and idk wat her sis was as not to leave her out i'll add a pic of her with her BEAUtiful lambskin alexander wang bag. GORGEOUS!! arrrgh so envious.)

anyways back to my blog then i saw another pretty outfit with knits and stuff!!!! "You said move on, where do I go?" by Miss J H H: "Denim"

I'm so srry...i'll find a way to post the picture...but now i'm still not tech-savvy enough. :'(. and too lazy. XD

so....then i started thinking about the SNOOD!!!! oh and btw u should look at Miss J's other outfits cause they're really cool too. :D
back to the SNOOD!
I know it's kinda old...but i thought Missoni's Fall 2009 matched perfectly. SOOOO SOOO SOOO GORGEOUS. AAAHHHH! <3

OHMG. amazing color palette, textures, layering,, AAAAH!!!
and of course burberry did the snood too, so i shall mention them too. I really liked their collection tho its a bit different....still amazing tho. their Spring 2010 WAS SUPPPPERRRR amazing tho.

I thought the dress in the third pic was really cool. I didn't catch that before! :O and i think the snood looks really hot on guys!!!! yay Tom!

Anyways I have way too much to say but that's it for now. Howww fun!!!! XD

Sunday, January 3, 2010


polyvore is awesome. I havent posted many sets in a while...but i have plenty of drafts....haha. but yea, if you dont have a polyvore account u should make one. the ones that im posting here are my favorite ones, and my style is kind of different now...a bit more edgier, whereas before it was more vintage-ish. i still ADORE thrift shops though!!!! XD

And let me introduce myself...

okay so no one is reading this so i feel like an idiot typing to myself but oh well. Hi! I'm elikon (not my real name but it will do) and i really like drawing fashion illustrations~ that sort of thing! I took a sewing class last summer but it was utter sad. Anyways so now i spend my time on AAHH-mazing fashion and street style blogs and looking at endless runway shows and ditching my homework. not good. and now i'm gonna be wasting more time on a blog!!! yayy me.. XD <---- ohh and just to let you know that's like my FAVorite emoticon or whatever you call you'll be seeing tht alot. x] And so that's it i guess....later when I have the courage I'll post some of my drawings :) but for now I will just ramble on photos that grab my interest.