Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Major Rant. A Good One.

So i was going through my lil webbies that i go thru everyday...which u shld really check out--they're all posted at the bottom of my blog. and i saw this awesome pic of Ashley Olsen and i almost almost almost ALWAYS luvvvv olsen's style (unlike a bunch of ppl (hmmph)) and yea so im gonna post it!

i think she looks so...perrty! XD like, she still keeps her normal style but she adds a much more feminine and classic look.

And so i continued going thru my list of blogs feeling all happy (ohh and if you care to know this was on jan 3 and she was shopping with her sister in west hollywood. and idk wat her sis was as not to leave her out i'll add a pic of her with her BEAUtiful lambskin alexander wang bag. GORGEOUS!! arrrgh so envious.)

anyways back to my blog then i saw another pretty outfit with knits and stuff!!!! "You said move on, where do I go?" by Miss J H H: "Denim"

I'm so srry...i'll find a way to post the picture...but now i'm still not tech-savvy enough. :'(. and too lazy. XD

so....then i started thinking about the SNOOD!!!! oh and btw u should look at Miss J's other outfits cause they're really cool too. :D
back to the SNOOD!
I know it's kinda old...but i thought Missoni's Fall 2009 matched perfectly. SOOOO SOOO SOOO GORGEOUS. AAAHHHH! <3

OHMG. amazing color palette, textures, layering,, AAAAH!!!
and of course burberry did the snood too, so i shall mention them too. I really liked their collection tho its a bit different....still amazing tho. their Spring 2010 WAS SUPPPPERRRR amazing tho.

I thought the dress in the third pic was really cool. I didn't catch that before! :O and i think the snood looks really hot on guys!!!! yay Tom!

Anyways I have way too much to say but that's it for now. Howww fun!!!! XD

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