Sunday, January 10, 2010

beautiful day with beautiful ads

so i know in health class they always tell you 'Don't be influenced by what you see because it's not true." "The models you see in there are always photoshopped and aren't healthy anyways." "There are ads all around us."
I like ads, okay....:'(
so im gonna show them! and influence you more XD mu-wa-haha.

here's more from the Armani campaign~

Armani Spring Campaign Preview | Nimue Smit by Josh Olins

Ah-mazingggg colors!!!! *gasp*

Now, I normally don't like Fendi ads cause they're kinda...well i guess some people like it but to me they're just kind of boring.  and awkward.

Fendi Spring 2010 Campaign Preview | Anja Rubik by Karl Lagerfeld

Anyways, i thought this one was really nice and it made me feel like I was in the mountains, singing sound of music, wearing a beautiful flowy white dress, having a picnic...all being very sexy of course. Awesomeness

Prada S/S Campaign Preview | Rasa Zukauskaite by Steven Meisel

so this one...all i can think of is barbie. but i keep thinking of this ad, so i guess prada made a good choice~ XD what do you think?

next up: burberry!!! i always love burberry's ads~ ESPECIALLY WITH EMMA WATSON!!!! and this time she has her brother with her :O
Burberry Spring 2010 Campaign | Emma Watson by Mario Testino

I was kinda imagining them all in an elavator...but im pretty sure that's not what they were thinking.

anyways~ those were my faves for now. XD

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