Friday, January 15, 2010


I am so SIKED to see the movie. coming out: March 5!!!!! YES.
some photos and stuff that i think about...

of course, first, the awesome movie posters everyone has already seen. but they're totally worth seeing again.

I like this one too:

     yayy~ i'm invited! XD

Other awesome kinda sorta maybe related stuff.

A bEAUtiful editorial with Lily Cole by Carter Smith. Lily Cole looks really short and young in this editorial, but she's actually..OMG.. 5"10.5.....

In 2003, Vogue US did an Alice in Wonderland inspired shoot, which included designers in each photo. Really awesome. like, Really Really Really awesome. I love the dresses and the expressions.
Natalia Vodianova by Annie Leibovitz:

Other random cool stuff  ;)

Anyways, anything that you guys think of? Lemme know!

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