Sunday, January 3, 2010

And let me introduce myself...

okay so no one is reading this so i feel like an idiot typing to myself but oh well. Hi! I'm elikon (not my real name but it will do) and i really like drawing fashion illustrations~ that sort of thing! I took a sewing class last summer but it was utter sad. Anyways so now i spend my time on AAHH-mazing fashion and street style blogs and looking at endless runway shows and ditching my homework. not good. and now i'm gonna be wasting more time on a blog!!! yayy me.. XD <---- ohh and just to let you know that's like my FAVorite emoticon or whatever you call you'll be seeing tht alot. x] And so that's it i guess....later when I have the courage I'll post some of my drawings :) but for now I will just ramble on photos that grab my interest. 

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