Monday, April 26, 2010

Diary Entry 1

Japan. It's like my second home. And's going to be RUINED. I hate being all 'I-know-this-is-going-to-happen-even-though-i-don't-know-for-sure!" but...

Why does my dad have to come???

For an entire 3 weeks???

He hasn't come in like...6 years.
And I know that's WHY he wants to come--cause he hasn't come in ages but...if he's gonna do that he has to realize he better not make things WORSE for us.

We handled a YEAR there without him. I'm CERTAIN i can handle 5 weeks. more than handle. He's a great dad...but I need a break from his rules.

His coming is only going to create tension. [my grandparent's didn't approve of him marrying my mom.]

And now I'm not going to be allowed to go ANYWHERE.

And he's gonna rely on my mom to drive him places, to speak for him, to help him understand things...
when my sisters and I already ask that of her.
It's just one extra person that my mom has to help out.
Which creates less time for us and extra stress for her.
Just greattttttttt. Not.

I hate this.

I was so excited and now I'm just like 'UGGH. ARGGH. GAHHH.'

Oh well...I better be grateful. I've been so anxious to go and we're going even though it's superrr expensive.

I'm really enjoying this blog. It helps my thought train SO much and my hands don't hurt from it. :)

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