Thursday, April 22, 2010

The perfect day for letting out emotions.

I hate kids my age. I hate myself at my age. We’re all so damn immature. We can’t stop caring about what others think of us. We step on others to get higher even though we hate people who do that to us.  I hate how we all want to be popular, in the “in crowd”, or at least not a loser. We don't think about the words that we say. We are disrespectful. We are stupid. We are arrogant bastards who do not realize that we are not even a tiny speck in the vast universe. I hate myself, for caring about all this. But why should I change?  My parents won’t give me any more freedom either way. Nothing would be better for me. Nothing, except my conscience. But at 14, who cares about their conscience?

Not that I have anything against Karlie. But what girl would not want to have the honor of that? Assuming those guys are cute of course. ;)

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