Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some looks I love from some of my blog-watching. SO SORRY! next time I do this i will say which blog each came from....i only know some.....
I loved the whole....UGGH dont know the word for it. But it was just so perfect.

This outfit is so cute. Perfect for FALL!!!! Luvv the whole matching/not matching thing. haha tights remind me of:

:) Its for Fall too! tho a whole year old now...wow how time flies. I really hated this collection when I first saw it....but its REALLY growing on me now. FASHION PRESSURE...

This is part of a campaign for some company i think...i just reallly liked that girl's white tights and boots. And the combination. :)

Not sure where this came from too...maybe American Apparel? anyways, some day I will do that outfit. Sparkly shorts, striped shirt, and military blazer. Oh, and can't forget the glasses!!! And hair poof!!!!

Just like this. :]

I think these three are from the same site...:
She has the most amazing illustrations!!!!

The first pic--GORGEOUS COLORS! I never really liked the clothing my grandma would buy for me from a stall in Mexico, but now I have totally changed my mind. Just goes to show how limited my brain is in what can become so stylish....how sad.
The second pic-Wow. The structure of the jacket...amazing.
The last pumps are Alexander Wang. I love how its paired with the grey---it makes me really like cheetah print...I just wish there wouldn't be stuff like THIS in the world:

No offense to them. But just one word: SCARY.

Next couple pics I probably found on chictopia or weardrobe...some cool site that always inspires me. My favorite of these would be the girl with the knee high boots. I love how she paired it with that vintage jacket but because of the boots its kind of edgy... :))

OKAY. Wow. Long post. But it has been a WHILE. Sorry aha. :P

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